Improving Your Yard Aesthetics With a Retaining Wall

Adding retaining walls to a yard makes sense and there are reasons behind it. It serves many purposes and comes with great benefits. Whether your yard is strikingly beautiful or in dire need of a boost in aesthetics, simply adding Georgia retaining walls turns a dull yard into a vibrant one.

Many people often consider retaining walls an eyesore because of the material used such as concrete that is usually mild and dull. In order to resist the dullness of the concrete, you have several options to select from and some of them are, simply add a plaster coat to the top of the retaining wall using natural stone, paint the exterior, or stain the exterior.

Concrete staining is the most preferred choice and is preferred by both homeowners and contractors alike. But how does staining work?  Well, the concrete must be cleaned before the staining process so that the stain is able to perceive the concrete and be absorbed properly by the concrete.

Staining won’t work properly if the artifact is blocking the stain from reaching the concrete.  Except the concrete is thoroughly cleansed, the retaining wall will end up with spots of uneven stain. Renting a power washer is highly suggested due to its efficiency and low cost.

Once the concrete is properly cleaned, you will need to scratch the concrete so it’s no longer a flat surface. By creating texture through the course of scratching the concrete, staining will be more effective and noticeable. You can apply the engraving solution to the concrete and let it sit for about an hour or so before using the power washer over. Use a concrete cleaner and let the concrete remain for a night before beginning the staining process.

If you want concrete to retain wall contractors to perform the staining process for you or if you would like a concrete retaining wall installed in your yard or garden, you can hire a contractor with years of experience to do the work. Discover more about retaining walls and their benefits.